We would like to thank you for the lovely learning experience Aarav had in your school.

MMI will always be special to us as it was Aarav’s first school!!!

We can’t thank you enough for all your support and numerous meetings that you made yourself available for every time we reached out to you.
We have seen Aarav undergo a tremendous change and growth in MMI. All thanks to his teachers – the same is being appreciated in his new school. They admire the manner in which Aarav engages in activities and follows instructions. They love how he tidies up after each activity and waits his turn to play. All the credit goes to school and the teachers of MMI.

His concept of phonics and numbers is great. He fondly remembers Jimmy Sir, Vidhyama’am and Leena ma’am.
Not to forget the courtesy to say “Thank you”, “No Thank you”, “Excuse me”, “Welcome” and “Good morning”
We are repeatedly told “Vidyama’mm said so!!”

Thank you for being a great “FIRST SCHOOL” for Aarav Harkauli



P/O Aarav Harkaul
Aditya & Priyanka Harkauli

We feel fortunate to be a part of MMI ..

The first day of school for a child is generally quite traumatic as the little one is suddenly and unexpectedly thrust into a strange world from the warm cocoon of his/her home. But when I look back at Sanvi’s first day in school, a different picture comes to my mind. MMI really helped Sanvi to adjust and minimise her separation anxiety from home and family. The ability of the teachers to communicate with children and make them comfortable is really impressive.  Their dedication, determination and commitment towards each child is evident in the way the children feel happy and eager to go to MMI. Respected Principal Ma’am Mrs.Nita Datta has always wholeheartedly been a part of every school activity. My daughter’s class teacher Miss Shalini has put her best efforts to help Sanvi develop interpersonal skills and learn about  helping and sharing with her classmates. The Day Care incharge  Ms.Anupama  has also played an important  role in settling Sanvi in the initial stage of her schooling.

Children at MMI are encouraged to take part in creative activities like finger painting, tracing etc. and practical hands on learning like fireless cooking and planting. They are prepared to go on stage for Mike Time activity so that they can develop into confident speakers; sports practice and field trips to farms, pet shop, monuments etc. are also a regular feature at the school.

Use of Montessori material for everyday learning in the development of any child is a brilliant feature at MMI. My daughter Sanvi has become more independent, enthusiastic and inquisitive about her environment which is testimony to the successful Montessori teaching method being followed here.

We as Sanvi’s parents feel really thankful and grateful to MMI and its entire staff from Principal Ma’am to the Didi’s for taking such good care of my daughter and preparing her for the outside world. It has been an excellent experience for us being a part of MMI.



Radha and Sushil

P/O Sanvi Bhardwaj


We believe, choosing the MMI family was one of the best decisions we could make for Adhvaya as parents. Self-dependency, good manners and being well organized are some of the traits that Adhvaya picked up at the institution which we are proud of. Adhvaya was very engaged in all co-curricular activities (mike time, monthly outings, sports day etc.) which is again a high point. As parents we have always been admirers of the Montessori teaching methodology and have high regards for all the teachers and support staff at MMI.

Wishing all the success to entire team.


Thanks and regards

Srijana and  Bhanu Sharma

P/O Adhvaya


We are extremely excited and impressed with the all round development of our child since he joined MMI a few months back. Be it the childs communication skills (with special focus on English speaking), confidence or focus on clarity of concepts, the montessory methodology is much more practical, experiential and effective than the traditional way of learning. We are happy to make the right choice for our child to give him a solid foundation for his future. We thank the MMI team for their hard work and dedication to make the learning experience joyful for our child.


Shweta and Vikas  Sharda

P/O – Yash Sharda


MMI deserves all the kudos for providing a safe and conductive environment to help a child learn and grow under the excellent supervision and guidance of MMI Team. We, as parents feel both happy and contended to see the visible and impressive changes in our child. The rich cultural and educational environment provided through various activities like morning prayers, material play, art sessions, phonetics, mike time, festival celebration, sports, field trips and other exciting events has transformed our daughter from diffident to confident and from submissive to assertive. Our daughter chats very enthusiastically about the school and adores the teachers and staff supporting them. We have seen a lot of positive changes in her and are very pleased and satisfied with the facilities offered by the school. All the staff members are very friendly and approachable and a pleasure to interact with. 

We would like to thank you and all your staff members for the care, love, affection and support you have given to our daughter, Anusha. The time she has spent in MMI has been both, memorable and delightful. We really appreciate your guiding hand. Special thanks to 'Mahua' Mam for the transformation she brought in Anusha and for taking special care of her.

We will surely miss this school and relish all its memories. 

Thank you once again and keep up the good work! Wish you all the very best as you continue to expand and grow!!



Renu and Tarun Jain

P/O Anusha Jain