Carnival, Modern Montessori  International Preschool, founded in 2017,is located in Trikuta Nagar, Jammu, J&K
The Carnival,MMI  is an organisation that was established with the purpose  of maintaining the Montessori tradition by promoting  the most 

upto date  and comprehensive preschool learning and child development services.

At Carnival, Modern Montessori International, we aim to be a leading preschool and enrichment centre in J&K where children are empowered to rediscover  the joy and magic of learning through self discovery. We strive to produce out-of-the-box thinkers and future leaders.


  • To prepare children for next level of primary schooling while keeping their learning journey fun filledand relevant to their development needs. 
  • To provide a holistic environment for children to embrace the process of becoming life long learners
  • To provide a safe place for children to make mistakes and become

confident individuals. 

Ms Bhavna Rohmetra

Dear Parents,

I strongly feel that the children are born intelligent, curious and creative. The goal is not to control but to inspire our children to think for themselves and to think about others. This belief led to my initiative to start an exemplary management of preschool services for children and provide state-of-the-art products and resources for children's learning in the form of Carnival, Modern Montessori International, Jammu.
With warm regards, 
Bhavna Rohmetra .


Ms Sapna Rohmetra 

Parents  and Guardians,

Our children are most precious to us---beyond all else we hold dear in life.

 I have always wanted to be close to children and so I followed my passion. I got my first exposure to Montessori concept, when I had the opportunity to get involved with Preschool of Lancaster University, London,UK in the year 2000.It was then that the seed was sown and MMI 's journey from birth to infancy to the present day adolescence has been indeed very enriching. In a close partnership with you dear parents, I wish to equip our children with roots and wings at Carnival , Modern Montessori International, Jammu. 

Bestwishes , 
Sapna Rohmetra. 

Inspired by the philosophy of Dr Maria Montessori, classrooms at Carnival MMI Preschool, serve as calm well ordered spaces where every detail has been designed around how children learn and play. In addition, each child is allotted a cubby in the classroom where the teacher keeps his/her work and a set of clothes. 

The Carnival, MMI Jammu is spread over an area of approx. 6000 square feet and is equipped with all the modern facilities which include a lush green lawn, nature walk, vegetable and herbs garden, ball pool, slides, cars and tricycles, sandpit etc.

The toilets are clean, hygienic and child friendly. 

The meals for the children are provided by the school and prepared in consultation with a nutritionist under strict supervision in utmost hygienic conditions. RO water is provided so that children are not required to carry water bottles. 

Support staff at MMI  is very well trained and soft spoken to cater to the needs of children. 

All classrooms as well as open areas are under CCTV surveillance to ensure the safety of children. Fire safety alarms and equipment have been installed in the school premises.

This school has tie up with doctors who are available on call to provide immediate medical aid in case of an emergency. 

The school provides escorted, safe and air-conditioned transport facility to cater to all areas within a radius of 8 Km.

14/8 Trikuta Nagar , Jammu, Jammu,
Jammu and Kashmir 180012
Mob: +917051291179


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