Parents of Arya Bindal

Came in contact with MMI School early this year when my son was invited as a buddy for a Jungle theme party arranged at the school inside the school campus and I was convinced that time looking at the creative way of learning at school, and he joined the school in April.

Now it has been 6months that Arya has been going to school and I can tell you that we are very happy & satisfied as a parent of a 3year old. It is fantastic to see Arya repeating the rhymes and stories you share with him in the school. The atmosphere of the teachers is friendly yet disciplined and the spirit of teachers is friendly yet professional.

The teachers are always open for interaction and suggestions needed for the development and care of the child.

As parents we couldn't have found a better school in the vicinity. There is learning fun and discipline.

Amritpal Singh & Raavi Kaur Dhanoya

Parents of Inayat Kaur Gill

Our daughter has been attending MMI preschool for five months and she absolutely loves it! She would walk herself to preschool if she was able to. MMI is a wonderful preschool with very personable, dedicated and caring staff. It’s the extra quality care the preschool provides that makes it a special place. The teachers friendly, nurturing and professional manner helped my daughter settle into preschool routine quickly. The genuine affection and concern that the staff especially my daughter’s teacher at Sunbird section, Ms Srirupa shows truly makes MMI my daughters ‘home away from home’. I recommend MMI in the highest of terms.

Pushkar & Aanchal

Parents of Vihaan Sinhal

MMI is a wonderful preschool with very personable, dedicated and caring staff. Our son Vihaan has learnt so much and developed as confident individual since attending this Centre.

MMI, it’s where Vihaan had his first step at school.

While we’re at work, our mind is always at ease because we know Vihaan is in a safe place, learning and having fun with his peers. Thanks for bringing a positive impact on our child’s life!

We can see the difference in him in every good way and this shows how MMI takes care of every kid individually, grooming them to their best.

Through the staff’s guidance and structured activities we have watched the confidence grow and important social skills develop in Vihaan that he will need, in particular, as he progress through schooling life.

We cannot thank the staff enough for the wonderful experience they have provided for our Son.

Varun & Kanika

Parents of Vivaan Budhraja

We are incredibly blessed to have our son in MMI. MMI School is the excellent school we have seen as far now. The concept of teaching is based on montessori method and the whole staff from principal to other faculty and helping staff are very knowledgeable, caring and dedicated towards educating and caring kids.

They have a very good interior which is very much attractive, safe and knowledgeable for the kids. It's been a privilege to join our kids into such a wonderful Educational institutional.

Our son's class teacher is one of those rare individuals who is able to create content that students enjoy so much they often don’t realize how much skills they are learning. In the classroom, her teaching approach boosts student's confidence because they’re practicing what they are taught" She is very caring , calm and understand every child's needs and psychology. We are very much happy to know her and to have her as a mentor of our child at this stage of growing when a kid is at a stage where he wants to explore and gain many things in life.

Mr. Mayur Ramgir & Dr. Debalina Sarkar

Parents of Shouvik Sarkar Ramgir

“ We couldn’t find a better place than MMI for our 3 year old. We came from outside Delhi so our child needed a lot of adjustment. All the teachers kept up with his change and gave their best to make him happy. After pre-nursery we continued MMI for his nursery education because he was very comfortable within this campus. Shouvik grew within this campus so much that now he takes smaller kids by their hand and take them to the corridor from the main gate. This gives us a sense of his own comfort level. I would recommend this place for your child’s overall development and happy childhood. “

Charu Shankar & Raghav Laul

Parents of Agastya Shankar Laul

Raghav and I are so happy with our son Agastya’s development in MMI. Under its umbrella, he has blossomed into a strong, capable, thinking child. Thank you to all the teachers, to the Principal and specially to Geeta Ma’am, who was my own Junior School teacher.

Parents of Kiaan Bhattacharya

As parents, we have always felt that Kiaan is at home with the environment MMI provides to the kids. His development, both social and educational, has been great and we look forward to him learning and unlearning more and more. His class teachers have been equally instrumental in giving him the platform to explore, because kids, we believe, are solely meant to do that. So far the journey has been exciting for Kiaan and we are looking forward to the rest of it.

Amit Gupta

Parents of Ditya & Bani Gupta

Dear Ma’am,

As requested following is the testimonial for MMI School, GK - 2:

“Our younger daughter - Ditya - coming to MMI since past over a year, is our second experience with the institution. We had a very satisfying experience with our elder child - Bani - whom we saw grow with confidence at the school. The school impressed with its variety of activities, cleanliness, good environment and teachers.

Unlike, her elder sister, Ditya has relatively less attention span and higher energy levels. We were not sure how she would behave at the school. It was very heartening to know that both at Playgroup and Pre-Nursery she has been given lot of affection by the teachers. We have seen remarkable development ever since she joined the Pre-Nursery class under Govarthani Ma’am. Ditya has learnt things which we did not expect, has started expressing and conversing smoothly, and constantly updates us on what she has learnt at school. She performed much beyond our expectations in the Parent Child Project when she narrated the story twice.

We hope that the MMI School continues to evolve with time and expand by keep its values intact."

Gazal & Vaibhav

Parents of Vihaan Malik

This note is for the people who enter to their parenthood for the first time and wants to give 'The Best' to their child. You want to live and cherish their nurturing/growing moments. Moments of expressing themselves, making them learn new things, creating their own innovative world, understanding the journey from swallow to chew and being independent in their own ways...This has all been taken care by MMI and which has given us also a new thought & aspect about schooling experience for our kid. It is not only a Pre-School, it's a complete academy with very clear and focused development strategies and vision.

We truly appreciate the dedication of Teachers and all Didi's who give their soul and sweat to groom our kids.

We are glad to be a part of MMI family.

Special thanks to Ritu and Surbhi Mam.

Subhatosh & Manali Nandi

Parents of Ishan Nandi

Our association with MMI started when Ishan was 14 months old, with the Mother and Child programme. We prepared for his first step into a room full of strangers, outside the mommy bubble, with a bagful of his favourites to deal with any tantrum. We needn’t have bothered. Ishan decided fast: he liked this place and he was staying – literally. It took a good bit of cajoling to get him out of the playroom and into the car. And now, a year and a half later, we are embarrassed to admit that when the little terror gets a bit out hand, we only have to hint that he might not be going to school the next day…it gets us instant obedience!

Parents tend to worry if they are doing enough to teach their child the fundamentals – speech, dexterity, and good behavior. But with MMI guiding our son down this path, we’re surprised how easy it’s been. Besides the proven Montessori method and materials,they have imaginative events and themed fetes, parent sessions, pet visits(and Ishan’s favourite – their very own rabbit hutch), field trips, pottery classes, music sessions, and more, that far exceed expectations. Ishan is keen to learn, eager and able to communicate what he knows, loves both books and games, and likes to meet new people. We believe this is a great start in life, and the school deserves credit.

But most importantly, MMI possesses two exemplary qualities. One is attention to detail: the school takes no shortcuts and cuts no corners when it comes to the children in its care – Sujata Ma’am runs a tight ship. The second is the quality of people – Teachers are committed to their work with a love and sincerity that many would envy, and the attendants and guards are conscientious and well-spoken. And so, when new parents ask me for advice, I have no hesitation in recommending with unstinting praise that they send their children to MMI.

Dharampal & Sahiba Singh

Parents of Kabir Singh

"One of the most difficult decisions that parents have to take is to pick a school for their child – especially when it is the first one. It is the first time a child steps outside a protected environment, and there are a lot of apprehensions that plague a parents mind. Our situation was no different. Like all parents we wanted to provide our son a strong foundation that he would eventually build on as he gets into his primary schooling years.

What makes the choice even more difficult is the number of play schools to choose from in this area. We scouted many schools, met many parents and even did a fair bit of research on the internet. But our search ended the day we walked into MMI. What struck us was the simple, warm, nurturing environment void of the sea of chaos that you find in many schools. The classrooms were neat and tidy, the play area was beautiful, but most importantly the highly-trained teachers and staff seemed extremely loving and caring.

Looking back we believe that MMI was the best thing that happened for our son Kabir. He started off as an extremely shy and introvert kid, but with the constant focus, love and efforts from his teachers Bhawna Ma’am and Vibha Ma’am, he has blossomed into the confident kid that he is today. The various activities and events that kids are exposed to in the school provide a platform for the kids to explore their capabilities and become more independent. Both Bhawna Ma’am and Vibha Ma’am pay attention to the smallest details around how to eat, how to wear shoes, how to interact with other kids in the class, and most importantly how to ‘enjoy’ while doing all these things. We have seen visible changes in how Kabir behaves at home and in public, and believe that the learnings and experiences from school have really helped him grow both socially and emotionally.

We just can’t thank the teachers and the school staff enough for teaching Kabir the right set of values that he will build on in the years to come. We wish MMI all the success, and would recommend it to all parents who are looking to get their kids off to a great start.