• School Activities & Events

School Activities & Events

"Learning is Fun"

Is a strong belief at MMI. The integrated thematic approach at MMI GKII ties the separate disciplines together into studies of the physical universe, the world of nature, and the human experience. In this way, one lesson leads to many others.

The children take a voyage of self discovery, are introduced to Botany& Zoology in order to cultivate fascination with the universe, helping them develop a lifelong interest in observing nature and discovering more about the world in which we live. Some of the thematic activities conducted around the year:

  • Special Assemblies

  • Experiments

  • Colour Weeks

  • Book week

  • Earth Day

  • Fun with Shapes

  • Wishy washy day

  • Car wash day

  • Jungle Safari

  • Farm Day

  • Pet Day

  • Animal's Birthday Party

  • Community Helpers week

  • Kite Day

  • Aqua Fun

  • Educational Field Trip

  • Puppet Week

Activities like gardening, watering plants, toy wash, car wash, napkin washing, sweeping, mopping make our little ones independent. Events like Puppet Week, Book Week, Pet day, Farm day, Educational field trips provide a stimulating & fun filled experience. Montessori Day gives a chance to our parents to see their child work confidently and independently with the Montessori material.

Celebrations, rituals, and social activities are an important part of childhood. They help children learn that they belong: to history, culture, society and community. Festivals like Rakhi, Teej, Eid, Janamashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Dusshera, Christmas are celebrated to bring about an awareness of our Indian culture.

Special Assemblies, Special Circle Time, Parent & Child Projects are organized to reinforce concepts. Children at such a tender age need to have a multifaceted growth

Our job are not only to impart knowledge, but also sensitize them to various other art forms. Hence activities such as Dance, Music, Yoga, Pottery & clay modelling, art n craft, Sports in association with Sport Guru a regular part of the curriculum.

To add to the recreation of the children there are extra fun activities like  Nature walk, Gardening, Puppet show, Role Play ,Easel painting ,Show & tell.

Sports Day

Sports days’ organized are fun filled and enjoyed by the children of the school. Playing sports offers children more than just physical benefits. Sports help children academically and socially as well. Research has found that sports instill confidence in children. They also learn that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. They learn to be a good sport in both situations. Physical exercise also increases their strength and flexibility while teaching basic sports skills that can lead to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Annual Day

Annual Day is a mega event of the school .All the school children in the age group of 3years to 5 years stage a musical an Auditorium. The sets, music and dance choreography and the performance of the children are highly appreciated.

Health Camp

General, Dental, Eye and ENT checkups are organized by the school.

Workshop for Parents

Positive Parenting Workshops are organized, providing parents with information & skills on topics like Health and nutrition, Emotional and Behavioural Problems in children.

Summer Workshop

The school organises Creative Summer Workshop for children in the age group 2yrs -10 years.

Its fun and entertainment twinned with stimulating activities ,facilitated by ace mentors.

The workshop focusses on developing skills at many levels through Montessori activities, Art Expression , Rhythm and many such activities.