• Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular Activities

  • Yoga

  • Dance

  • Music

  • Pottery

  • Sports help in the all-round development of children

Open space and free play is important and a must in the daily routine. Children go for a nature walk, grow vegetables and play in the garden.

Rabbits and aquarium in the school premises not only help children learn about various other life forms but also learn to be sensitive towards them.

The Jungle Gym is a unique play tool which is very inviting and enables children to enhance and consolidate their gross motor skills.

Play Club:

At the children can let their imagination come alive through an array of activities like a Library ,Kids theatre and a soft gym.

Events and celebrations organized in school help children to identify and explore different cultures.

Field Trip:

Field trips in the formative years are very important for young children. Field trips helps expand children's learning and experiences by providing them with hands - on experiences, also increases children's knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live.

Mid Day Meal:

The school provides children a mid- day meal. The meals are nutritionally balanced, healthy and are prepared under strict supervision in hygienic conditions.

Security System:

A child’s security is of prime concern at MMI and that’s why we have a card system that ensures that your child is safe during the pick and drop from school.

Emergency Treatment:

The school ensures the safety of every child The school has a tie-up with Dr. Arun Wadhwa ,a renowned child specialist and Apollo Cradle Nursing Home, Nehru Place.


The school can provide escorted, safe transport catering to South Delhi and Charmswood.